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Hi, my name is Michael Stevens. I am a full-time content creator and provide home theater videos on my Youthman Youtube channel for over 65,000 subscribers.

My content is specific to Home Theater including audio and video equipment reviews, home theater setup and calibration as well as home theater tours.

I am the owner of Youthman Reviews and Co-founder of  The MidWest AV Experience.

There have been major technological changes in H/T and A/V equipment in the past decade with the addition of multi-channel and object base sound processing plus the movement to HD, 4K and 8K displays. For many, this can be overwhelming and confusing. I am creating a series of video-based courses to help you to set up your equipment, explain these changes, and point out some of the myths to stay away from when it comes to the electronics industry. I hope to educate and entertain you as you learn to set up your Home theatre and audio Equipment for maximum enjoyment.
Michael Stevens, Youthman - How to set Home Theater & Audio Equipment | Youthman

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